Prayers for Rosa Evans Falkner

This lady is a survivor who is fighting another battle – please donate to help with medical bills if you are able to – send prayers and positive thoughts her way!!!   

This message was written by Rosa’s daughter:
My mama Rosa Evans Falkner moved here from Germany in her 20’s.  She married my dad while he served in the US Army. She learned English, went to school and became a nurse which she loved. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it 12years ago. Now she has lung cancer, Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung stage 3a.  Her chance for a cure is slim but we have a lot of faith in God.  She has a long road ahead of chemo and radiation, her and my stepdad are retired and on fixed incomes.  My mama has been there for so many hundreds of people over the years and for me every single time I needed someone, so this is my way to help her, so she won’t be so worried about the burden of the cost of her treatments. If I could do them for her I would so maybe in this small way I can help.”

RosaFalkner(Rosa is on the right with her daughter in the middle and her mother-in-law on the left.)

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Update: February 15, 2015

Rosa lost her battle with cancer.  Prayers and positive thoughts for the family.

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