Mental Mindset: Karma and the Backlash

“Karma is gonna get you!”

karmaHow many times have you heard someone say this or something similar? How many times have you said it yourself? I know I used to be guilty of saying things along that line when I felt like someone had done me wrong. Many people think this way, which is a mental mindset. (Mental mindset = having a set mind or pattern of thinking.) Have you ever stopped to think about the backlash from karma? Did you know that karma has a backlash?

The basics of Karma: Someone does something to you that you feel is wrong and you tell them that “karma will get you” … and then you wish that something really bad would happen to that person. Some time down the road, you hear that something bad did happen to that person. Do you feel like justice has been done? While you truly have no control over karma, you can feel like you have influenced what happens to someone else.

karma2Backlash: What you send out can come back to bite you in the butt. When you wished something bad to happen to the person who hurt you/made you mad, you created a connection between that person and yourself. When something bad happens to the person you wished it on, you will have something similar happen to yourself. It may not be as bad as what happens to the other person but it will be enough to get your attention. Wished a car accident on the person? Don’t be surprised if you are in a fender bender yourself within a few months. Wished someone would die because of what you felt was a wrong doing? Be prepared to get really sick.

Backlash side effect: What you send out can affect the people around you. When you send out something bad, the invisible connection between you and the person you wished it on can also affect the people around you. The side effect of karma does not work in the same way as the regular backlash. Karma has a funny way of not only hurting you for sending out negative vibes but also hurting the people who are close to you. You may wish a car accident on someone … and someone you love can be diagnosed with cancer. Ever had a run of bad luck that you couldn’t figure out why it was happening to you? Chances are someone close to you was sending out bad karma.

karmaWhat goes around comes around – times three. If you send out negative vibes against one person, there three people who are sending out a negative against you. Be careful what you wish for because it may not be what you expect when it comes back to you.

How to fight negative karma – be positive! The first reaction of most people when feelings get hurt is based on emotions. Wishing pain on the other person is common – sometimes it is a little pain, sometimes it is a whole lot more pain. Instead of wishing something bad on the person, think about what may be already going wrong in that person’s life – and wish them good things. It is harder to do then most people think. Start with small steps when changing your thinking process. Instead of wishing negative thoughts when a person makes you upset, try smiling at the person and say “have a good day.” You may not feel it at first but eventually you will truly hope the person has a good day because you know that having good things happen can change a person for the better.

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