Depression: The Anger and Frustration

depressionWhen coping with depression, there are several other emotions that you have to learn to deal with at the same time. Anger, grief, resentment, frustration, guilt, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and many more.

This article deals with the anger and frustration issues that go along with depression. I grouped the feeling of anger and frustration together because they can be very similar feelings and can build off of each other. Often times the anger is over little things that would not normally bother a person enough to get upset over. At times the anger may not have a trigger that you can identify, which often makes the anger worse and leads to the frustration. As you get more frustrated, it can make the anger increase because you are not sure how to cope with the frustration.

angerIn my case, I have a lot of days where the little things will trigger my feelings of anger. Once triggered, my anger will build with each little thing until I am ready to explode and come pretty close to having a complete mental breakdown. An example of one of these days is: I get home from work and go in the kitchen to fix something to eat … but my cats will not stay out from under my feet. I know that they are just happy that I am home and want some attention but I am hungry and they are in my way. This will trigger the anger. Then as I am fixing something to eat, I can’t find something that I really wanted to eat or we may not have it at all … and this adds to my anger. When I am done eating, I take my dishes to the sink and I might get mad if there are several dishes waiting to be washed – I don’t always get mad over this but sometimes I do, which adds to the building anger. Then there is trash that needs taken out or the floor needs vacuumed – not normally a big deal but it can seem overwhelming if I am already mad. Of course, the cats are still staying under my feet while I am trying to clean the house, which continues to add to the building anger.

KittenAfter being home only a couple of hours, I reach a point where I am so mad that I catch myself yelling at the cats … my poor fur-babies whom I love very much. On my better days, I can stop and recognize that the anger or frustration I am feeling is just part of the chemical imbalance that causes my depression. On those days I will stop what I am trying to do and just sit down for a few minutes. I will give my cats the love and attention that they are demanding and it helps ease my anger and frustration back down to a manageable level. Going for a walk also helps ease my anger and frustration when I am having trouble dealing with the little things.

depression_faceHowever, on my bad days when I am not able to recognize why I am feeling so angry and/or frustrated, those feeling will continue to build until I do end up breaking down. I will find myself sitting in the floor, crying uncontrollably for several hours followed by hours of sitting and staring at the wall. During those hours of my breakdown, my cats will still be trying to get my attention but I will be completely unaware of them. I can get phone calls or text messages but they also go unnoticed. I usually will come out of the breakdown state after a few hours, but there have been times where I can go for a couple of days in that blank state.

overcome depressionThe solution – Is there one? Many people think medication will solve the issues related to depression but medicine doesn’t always help, doesn’t help enough, or can even make things worse. The only real advice I can give when you are dealing with the anger and frustration of depression … is to take a deep breath. Take a step back from the things that are causing you the stress. Drink a cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee and (hopefully) you will be able to see that it is not the end of the world. Things will get better but it will take time.


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