’Tis the Season


(Written 12/99)

tis the seasonYes, the holiday season is once again upon us and the Christmas spirit is in the air.

Little children are wondering what Santa will bring them this year and shoppers are trying to remember if they got something for everyone on their list.

This is the time of year when friends and family get together to enjoy a break from the fast-paced world . . . the time to sit back . . . and relax . . . and to think about the future.

new yearWith the year 2000 fast approaching many people are wondering what the next few years will have in store for them. Will they find that special some one? Will they find the job they’ve always wanted? Do they have what it’ll take to survive the next few years?

This season everyone should stop to take the time to remember . . . from childhood friends and high school sweethearts . . . first loves and broken hearts . . . to those we have lost along the way, whether by death or just distance.

drama-masksThink back to everyone that has touched your life in some way . . . everyone who has made you smile or frown . . . laugh or cry. Remember the people who have made you stop and think about life’s little things.

Remember those who have shown you love and asked for nothing in return . . . and those who have been kind even if you were not so kind to them.

angelThere is no guarantee about what the future holds for anyone . . . and it’s true that we can’t change the past, but we should remember, the good and the bad. Our memories can make us weak . . . or they can make us strong.

Your life has just been touched by N. Angel

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