The Midnight Ghost Train


train tracksChugga chugga chugga … the sounds starts off very faint … chugga chugga chugga … it sounds like the train is getting closer … whoot whoot … two long blows of the train whistle … chugga chugga chugga … the sound starts fading … chugga chugga chugga … the sounds slowly fades into silence. The midnight ghost train has passed by one again.

To someone living in an area with trains, hearing a train every once in a while is normal. Many people get used to the sounds to the point that they do not notice when a train goes through in the distance. The rhythmic clackity-clack of the train wheels on the tracks is like a lullaby to a few people. Why is it so strange that I notice the sound of a train in the distance? I live in the country where there has never been tracks for a train to pass through.

Am I am being haunted by a ghost train?!?!?!

city-trainThe first time I remember hearing the train was many years ago when I was in high school – probably around 1994 or 1995. It was around that time that I started becoming more sensitive to “other” stuff around me … paranormal type of stuff. I remember it was a Saturday night and I was having trouble sleeping. I had gotten up to get something to drink and was sitting in our dinning room when I heard what sounded like a train in the distance. At the time I passed the sound off as a semi truck on the highway since I knew that there had never been train tracks around the little community where we lived.

Since the first time, I have heard the train several times and it is always around midnight … sometimes a few minutes before or after and sometimes the sound starts right at midnight. While some people might think that I must be dreaming the sound, I have been wide awake each time I have heard the train.

trainI moved away from my parents’ house and lived in the city for a few years. During that time I could never tell if I was hearing a real train or not. I moved back home for a couple of years and I heard the train again. I moved back to the city for a short time and then moved to the country around 40 miles from where I grew up – once again, there are no train tracks close to where I live – but I still hear the train once in a while.

Could it all be in my head? Maybe. I have never been around another person when I have heard the train so I have not had a chance to ask if other people can hear the sounds. If I was hearing the train in some sort of pattern then I could plan to have someone with me or try to record the sounds but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern with the train. I may hear the train 3 times in one week and then go for a couple months without hearing the train. Am I really hearing a train? I am not sure but my brain is registering the sound as a train in the distance.

Until I know for sure what I am hearing … it will be known as my midnight ghost train.

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