Classifying a Female . . .


There are several special kinds of females because of the mixing of the six (6) main groups, which are as follows:  a girl, a playtoy, a slut, a tease, a woman, and a hopeless romantic.

girlA girl is innocent physically and mentally. She likes sleeping in nightgowns that have cute pictures, patterns, and prints. She may like boys, but she does not want to get to close to any of them.

A playtoy is not usually innocent physically and never mentally innocent. She is able to sleep in anything or nothing. She likes to touch and be touched when it comes to guys, but she will not let things get to intense for her to handle or control.

teaseA slut in not innocent physically or mentally. She sleeps in “teddies” or nothing at all. She will do anything with a guy (for sexual reasons only) and she does not let her heart get involved.

A tease is physically innocent, but not mentally innocent. She usually sleeps in nothing. She uses her brains along with her body to torture guys, buy never gets involved with them physically, mentally, or emotionally.

A woman may be innocent physically, but she is not mentally innocent. She sleeps in nothing. She may want a man physically, but she also wants him mentally. In other words . . . a true woman will not touch the body unless the heart and the mind are included.

hopeless romanticA hopeless romantic may or may not be innocent physically and she is never innocent mentally. She may dress normally on the outside, but underneath is lace and satin, along with sleeping in silk and/or satin nighties. She is always daydreaming and wondering when her “Prince Charming” is going to ride into her life on a white stallion and take away all of her problems.

Now a girl can become anything, but depending on how life treats her, she could become a woman or a slut, a hopeless romantic or a tease, or a playtoy. Most females can be described as a hopeless romantic, but that does not make her a woman.

“Actions speak louder that words, but actions could be deceiving.” A woman thinks “certain acts” should be done in the privacy of a bedroom not in a car or truck. Most females want to be held and to be loved, but most males are afraid to hold a female with out it involving sexual actions, and most males are afraid to say those three little words that all women want to hear . . .


 i love you

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