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The Orange Light

Just a few years after I graduated from high school, I was babysitting my cousins while my aunt and uncle were working. Part of the time I would go up and spend the night and other times I would go …

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Black and White

Black is white and white is black. Everything I say can be taken in many ways, but the way it is written is the way you should take it because these words come from the heart. A heart that has …

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A friend is a friend that will always be, like the friend you’ll find in me. A friendship should be a blast, and forever it should last. When dark waters start rollin’ in, Let them pass on by and be …

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PTF: John Edward

Name: John Edward Occupation: Psychic Medium Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Website:      Tweet

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Missing Time and Green Slime

Losing track of time is a common occurrence for many people. You get busy doing something and before you know it – hours have passed. Have you ever had a span of time that you are not able to track …

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Hello world!

My original site CRASHED!  (Thanks Yahoo!)  I am trying to get my original site back up but I may just have to start over.  I have most of my post saved as word documents but it will take time. I …

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