Bland Breakfast?

I made the mistake of buying some microwavable breakfast burritos, thinking that it would be a quick and easy breakfast.  It was quick and easy . . . but rather taste-less.  As with many of the pre-packaged breakfast foods, the burritos contained eggs, sausage, and cheese but the freezing and microwaving process some how removes most of the flavor.

I tried adding salt, pepper, garlic salt, and several Mrs. Dash seasonings but nothing really added the flavor that I was needing with my breakfast.  I decided that maybe flavor was not the real problem . . . maybe it was a texture issue.  After all, microwaved eggs and cheese turns to mush.

I decided to try adding some of my favorite toppings to see if I could improve on the bland breakfast burritos.  Salsa made everything more mushy.  Sliced banana added some good flavor but was still on the mushy side.  Slices of cucumber added a crisp crunch to the breakfast but didn’t add much toward the flavor.

I finally found the right combination with diced tomato and avocado.  I microwaved the breakfast burritos as directed.  I then added shredded cheese and let it melt on top of the burritos.  Then I cut up a small tomato and avocado to top the extra cheese.  Lightly sprinkled some garlic salt and enjoyed.  The tomato and avocado added a wonderful flavor and texture combination that fooled my taste buds into thinking that the breakfast burritos were actually yummy.

So my tip for a bland breakfast is to pick some of your favorite topping foods and try different combinations until you find the right one for your taste buds.  Don’t be afraid to try some combinations that sound a little weird.  You will be surprised by what actually taste great together!!!

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