Roast and Potatoes

Doesn’t that look yummmmmmy?!?!?!

While most people are aware of how easy it is to cook a roast and potatoes in a crock pot, this has a little extra kick to it and some extra prep time.  My boyfriend actually made this but I have made a few changes to his recipe.  I like to start the prep the morning before you are going to eat this.  This is actually an easy recipe and does not take a lot of effort to cook.

1 roast – your choice of cut and size.
new (red skin) potatoes – as many as you want.
1 onion – your choice on color and size.
baby carrots – your choice on how many.
salt and pepper as you like.
sliced jalapenos – optional if you want to add some kick!

The sauce
2 cups Worcestershire sauce
1 cup soy sauce
2 table spoons bbq sauce – your choice.
1 table spoon garlic powder or garlic salt.
1 cup of lemon-lime soda

(In the morning) In a large bowl or zip-lock  bag, mix the ingredients for the sauce.  Add your roast and let set in the refrigerator all day.

Before going to bed, pour your roast and sauce into a crock pot, turn it on the low setting, and let cook overnight.

The next morning or afternoon, add the potatoes.  Timing will depend on how well you want the potatoes cooked.  Leave the crock pot on low setting for the day.

That evening, add the carrots, onion (peeled and cut into large wedges), and jalapenos.  Turn crock pot on high for 1 to 2 hours – depends on how cooked you want the carrots.  Salt and pepper to your liking, serve and enjoy!

Letting the roast marinate in the sauce for several hours is optional.  The soak time just adds more flavor to the meat.  If you didn’t have time to marinate the meat or to start cooking in the crock pot the night before, it is ok.  Just put the roast and sauce in the crock pot in the morning and turn on the high setting.  When you get home in the evening, add the potatoes, carrots, and jalapenos – leave on the high setting for 2 hours – longer if you want the potatoes and carrots to be well cooked.

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