Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers

So I have been trying to eat a little healthier over the past few days.  I bought a couple of the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers – frozen dinners that steam as they cook and then you dump the food into the sauce.  Sadly, I can’t even remember what flavors I got but they were really good for a tv dinner-type of meal.  Yes, I highly recommend these to every one!!  YUM!

I also bought a couple of the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers – the pasta dish that you add the water, microwave, dump the water, and add the sauce.  The first one I tried was the steak with onion – can’t remember the exact name – but it was good.  It had a good flavor and was to fill me up without having to eat something to go with it.

The other flavor I got was the Penne & Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo – I know the name because I am looking at the package – but it didn’t cook in the amount of time that the package says to cook it.  I ended up cooking it an extra 2 minutes for the pasta to be non-crunchy.  No big deal – some meals are that way.  I dumped the water and opened the sauce . . . EWWWW  Yuck!!!  The smell was over powering . . . it truely smelled like something rotten!  I thought maybe it will taste better than it smelled.  I tried 2 bites.  Nope!  Still nasty!  It was so bad that I can’t eat it and I have been known to eat some really nasty stuff.  It was so gross that my cats won’t even touch it!  Epic fail on this flavor!!!

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